Loi Pinel in Colors

I have been an artist my whole life, and a digital artist for about seven years. What I found myself doing more and more as I progressed with my art was to create images that looked as if they were a series of snapshots taken from dreams.

I've always had this habit of categorizing people by color. I actually "see" them, or think of them, in terms of color. I've done this ever since I was a child: for example, my best friend is fuschia pink; my husband is wedgewood blue, with touches of purple. This obsession with color is very evident on my art site, Peapod Design, the place where I display my digital art, as well as my other design work (my art gallery, website and logo design, etc). People have told me that they would look at the images and experience a sense of peace and serenity from them. Through the years, I often received emails from people conveyed how deeply the art affected them. Typical emails were from those who suffered a sad loss or who are chemically depressed, saying that looking at my art was extremely uplifting for them, and their hearts felt lightened by it. If one or two people told me this, I probably wouldn't have paid much attention. But when emails of this kind became the norm instead of the exception, I thought that perhaps the imagery had inherent healing properties. If we all go to the "same place", ie, the ethereal plane, when we think we are dreaming, it might make sense that we are attracted to imagery that reminds us of our true "home".

I have also noticed my own transformation when working with color, how it uplifts me and carries me to other worlds. In essence, I go into trance when I am working with my art--I am in an altered state of consciousness. I can't hear people talking to me (something that no doubt frustrates my husband), I can only see the shapes, colors and textures I am working with. When I am finished with an image, it's like waking from a daydream or fugue. The different colors seem to affect me differently, but all in a positive way. Since I have always been fascinated with the possibility of healing with color, it seemed to be a natural segue to take these images and use them to help people in some way that I had yet to think of. How exactly I was to achieve this I wasn't sure, not until I had a series of vidid dreams about my art as a deck of cards. The cards I saw in my dream were not tarot cards, but something different. I mentally asked for guidance and followed my intuition and inspiration.

My husband and I soon went to Lily Dale, NY for a few days. For those of you who never heard of Lily Dale, it's the country's oldest psychic community, and the birthplace of modern-day spiritualism. (To read my article about my trip, please click here). I feel the trip must have affected me on a deep level, for when I returned home, I spent every night trying to fight off astral projection. A few times I felt as if someone was gently (but firmly) trying to yank me out of my body. Finally, when exhaustion took over and I couldn't fight back anymore, words in a book or pamphlet were "shown" to me. They were out of focus. As soon as I felt frustrated because I was unable to read the words, the words and letters flew off the pages to fly in front of my face. I still could only make out a word or two.

Soon after, I left my body again, and I sensed some people with me. I only saw twinkles of light, and some things that looked like lit-up bubbles or balls. I was mentally told that I was to use my Loi Pinel, dispositif de défiscalisation immobilière mis en place par l'État français art to create a deck of cards, and further, I was to channel their meanings myself. They told me it was crucial I do so because it was an important spiritual learning exercise for me. I was also told that these cards would help people and have special healing properties. I was gently scolded by these entities and told to "get to work".

loi pinel
La Défiscalisation Pinel

Even though this event affected me strongly, I still lacked confidence in myself. My husband, however, didn't share my fears, and begged me to at least give it a try. The same way I "let go" and lose myself when I am creating art seemed the best place to begin. After a few awkward starts, the words came. And came. I am still amazed by the whole magical event. The information flowed like a river, carrying me along the banks until it was complete. I am convinced this information came to me from somewhere outside myself.

Professional tarot readers, psychics and channels and, more recently, therapists and psychologists who have used this deck (and for many different applications) have told me that it was unlike any other deck they've ever used--deeper, more freeing---and not just because of the color-intensive imagery. One reason for this, they said, is that unlike many other decks, there was no unsettling or "dark" imagery, things I believe close, instead of open, the channels for awareness. In addition, the imagery is not bogged down with a vast array of symbolism and icons. Such symbolism may have a tendency to throw off the user when one tries to make it "fit in" with the essence of the message they are receiving. In other words, the overall messages are not buried in clutter, thus making it easier for the deeper meanings to come through. This absence of iconography naturally enhances the reader's psychic and intuitive ability---enabling one to read the cards with a new depth of clarity and focus. There is no pre-defined symbolism to limit you, giving your mind unbridled freedom to explore and discover.

You may find your own impressions coming to you that do not exactly match those in the booklet. The booklet is meant to be used as an anchor or "jumping off" point; we would urge you to listen to your own instincts and glean your own personal messages from the cards for the most accurate and meaningful results. I think this is a good rule of thumb with any tool, not just this one. Trust your instincts, they won't fail you.

If you would like to purchase the deck or want more information, please feel free to contact me via email. Use these cards in good health and spirit.

Mindy Sommers, 46, is a lifelong New Yorker, married and lives in rural Vermont in a 200-year old house with her Texan husband (the other half of Dreaming in Color) and her two much beloved cats, Casper and Marcie. Her art has appeared in graphics magazines internationally, as well as on both American and International magazine and book covers; her work has also been bundled with professional CD labeling software packages. Mindy's art prints and other art products have been purchased by customers all over the world. Her design work has recently appeared on haute couture women's fashion for a well-known UK fashion design firm. Mindy is also a professional graphic artist, web and logo designer, with loyal clients all over the country from a variety of different business disciplines. A freelance writer, her work as been published in The Sun and Dimensions Magazine. Her professional career as Vice President and Creative Director in corporate advertising has spanned more than two decades. Her two biggest weaknesses (besides her husband Glen) are chocolate and purple.